What to Understand about Tuscan Style Homes and Decorations

Tuscan style homes are usually owned by those who love old-fashioned, palace-like space of living. The style of Tuscan can be used to describe a house that uses a lot of natural materials in it. Most of this kind of house is using a lot of stones, woods, and many other earthy elements to fill the house. Are you interested in this particular style? Keep reading to find more information about it.

Making Living Spaces Look Like Tuscan Style Homes

What to Understand about Tuscan Style Homes and Decorations » tuscan home decor styles

Creating a living space with Tuscan style is very easy, actually. All you need to do is adding more and more natural elements into the house. For you who really keen about this old-fashioned kind of style, here are several things you need to understand about Tuscan style homes. It will make you figure out the core point of style as well.

  1. Everything Has to be Rustic

The overall look of the Tuscan house is rustic. It is impossible to combine natural elements into a sophisticated house. That is why the building is mostly grand, massive, and looks incredibly old-fashioned from element to element.

  1. Sandstone and Limestone are Recommended to Use

Because the point of Tuscan style homes is to use lots of elements of nature, do not be surprised if you find tons of usage of sandstone and limestone in the house. The natural stones are used in many parts of the house, including for the flooring and for the walls, particularly on the outside walls. That is why they look so grand and sturdy. Both limestone and sandstones are heavy and strong. It gives more durability as well.

  1. The Color Scheme is Earthy

Of course, the color has to be earthy. Because the style combines all natural elements, the color schemes of the house cannot be too far away from earthy colors, such as brown, yellowish ones, and gray.

  1. Add More Warmth with Wooden Beams

To add more warmth to the house, lots of wooden elements are added. In many Tuscan style homes, you can see that the building is supported by wooden beams. The beams are mostly huge and they work not only to support the house but as decoration as well.

  1. Lots of Woods and Marbles on the Furniture

The last thing to know about this style is that the furniture should be old-fashioned, vintage-looking ones. Most houses taking the Tuscan style are using wooden-based furniture. They are grand, completed by complicated designs, and basically very luxurious. They can also use lots of marbles in the furniture, especially for table tops, and for the kitchen, such as the kitchen island and the sink, and the backsplash as well.

What to Understand about Tuscan Style Homes and Decorations » tuscan style home design

It is believed that everyone loves to have extravagant and unique-looking living space. This particular style of house is surely providing that need. For everyone looking for a house with eccentric look, Tuscan style homes can be chosen and taken into consideration. They are grand, rustic, beautiful, and simply outstanding to look at. That’s why everybody loves them so dearly.