Unique Wine Crate Coffee Table Ideas

Purchasing a coffee table can be tiring process, not to mention it can be pricey. Doing a DIY coffee table instead, can be a fun a rewarding activity. You may feel like building a coffee table is a big project that needs a lot of skills that only professional can do. But in fact, it is really possible to do with a bit of effort, patience, and inspirations as guidance. A lot of materials can be used, but this list below will talk specifically about wine crate coffee table ideas. Wine crates are affordable, easy to get, environmentally friendly materials to use, so make sure to consider it for your next project.

Unique Wine Crate Coffee Table Ideas » creative wine crate coffee table design

DIY Coffee Table using Wine Crate Ideas

  1. Basic Coffee Table From The Wine Crates

Let’s start with the essential part of the DIY coffee table from wine crates. The idea is so simple: you just need to attach two or more wine crates together, depending on the size of the coffee table that you want, and then add a wooden panel to the top of wine crates that acts as the tabletop. Modify it by spraying paint, or left it with natural colors.

  1. Double Wine Crates on Wheels

For this project, you will need two wine crates, two hardwood panels that cut in the same length of the wine crates, paint brush, hinges, screws drill and nuts, and casters. Attach both wine crates to each other using screws. Then attach the caster underneath the crates. Attach the hinged top next, and finally stain them using paint and paint brush.

  1. Six Crates Coffee Table

Create this rustic styled wine crate coffee table by stain each of the six crates first. Lay out the crates and measure their placement. Choose better looking grains to face upwards. Attach the crates to each other by hammering the nails. Mount ‘L’ shaped brackets to the inside of the crates, which is the inner gap. Finally lay plywood panel with matching size on top of the crates and nail them to the base.

  1. Fancy Wine Crate Coffee Table and Stools

This DIY coffee table and stools set is suitable for you who have open floor room. The mini stools are especially perfect for kids to sit on. Use double crates for the coffee tables and four mini crates for the stools. Paint the crates white and paint a hardwood panel with wooden color for nice contrast. Attach the double crates and add a hardwood panel on top by nailing it. Add cushion to the stool if you’d like.

  1. Glass-Top Crates Coffee Table

Create this coffee table the same way as you would create basic wine crate coffee table. But instead of using hardwood or plywood top, use a glass top. This will give you shiny, reflective, unique top for your coffee table.

  1. Crates Coffee Table with Storage Inside

For this wine crate coffee table, you will need three wine crates. Assemble the coffee table by attaching the three wine crates to each other. Remove the bottom part of the wine crates to allow the storage space. Lay them so the previously side part of the crates will now be the top and bottom part. Then attach them together using nail and hammer.

Depends on your mood or the interior style of your room, you can paint the wine crate coffee table with any color that you want. You can even paint it with bright color like yellow or turquoise, and balance it with more neutral colored sofa.