Tips on How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

The tips on how to decorate a small bedroom should be understood by everyone, especially those who live in limited-space area, such as in one-bedroom apartment and in tiny houses. Having small bedroom does not mean you have to live uncomfortably. As long as you understand how to keep the bedroom neat and tidy, the tiny space is still going to be comfortable.

Small Bedroom Decorating Tips to make it Look Bigger

So, what are the keys in decorating small bedroom? Well, there are several things to do on how to decorate a small bedroom so that the bedroom is going to look amazing and spacious. These tips down below are going to help you to make sure that the limited space at home gets decorated properly. Here they are.

Tips on How to Decorate a Small Bedroom » creative small bedroom decor

  1. Use Lighter Color Scheme

The first and most important idea to remember on how to decorate a small bedroom is to choose lighter color scheme. It is naturally believed that lighter color scheme tends to make a room looks larger. This is why small bedroom should use color schemes like white, pale yellow, or ivory. Avoid using darker scheme like dark blue or brown as it will make the space looks narrower.

  1. Hang Mirrors on the Wall

Mirrors are very useful in making a room looks larger. It has the ability to reflect the entire space and give it the impression as if the room seems larger. Install full-length mirror on the wall to cover the entire space. It will surely help you to get more space to the room as well as reflecting more lights. It will make the room looks bigger as well as brighter.

  1. Use Less Furniture

When the space is limited, decorating the bedroom with furniture is a big no. Limit the number of furniture by eliminating the decorative furniture that you do not even need. Use the needed furniture only, such as the cupboard, tables, and chairs. You do not need any vanities, chest of drawers, or other kind of decorative furniture.

  1. Be Clever with Storage

Even though the space is small, a bedroom is always in need of storage. That is why in every suggestion on how to decorate a small bedroom, you will be required to provide storage. The storage area should be cleverly used, such as the hidden storage under the bed or the usage of floating shelves on the wall.

  1. Avoid Using Ceiling Fan

Hanging stuff down the ceiling, such as the ceiling fan or chandelier, should not be used in small bedroom. It greatly reduces the floor-to-ceiling space and makes the room looks even narrower. Use small light fixtures with simple design to avoid using these kinds of things in the small space.

Tips on How to Decorate a Small Bedroom » simple small bedroom design

Surely, there are more tips to do when it comes to decorating a small bedroom. However, those five tips up above are more than enough to keep the space neat and tidy. There is no doubt that you will sleep and spend time comfortably in the bedroom when the bedroom is well-decorated. Despite of its tiny size, the room is going to look dashing as long as you know how to decorate a small bedroom.