Tiffany Lamp Design Styles

Have Tiffany lamp has the same meaning with has a remarkable decorative elements priceless. It is a lamps designed with a very unusual by Louis Comfort Tiffany by combining glass as the elements of the design with a bronze lamp base. If we want to get the original Tiffany lamp design, then we must be careful because there are a lot of artificial products that are made to resemble the original. One noticeable difference we can see is the use of the lamp base. Original Tiffany lamps made ​​of bronze, while the imitation usually uses brass, plastic, or wood. In addition, we also can see through the glass that is in the light. Tiffany lamp comes with using a special glass made ​​in two ways. The glass used is confetti glass that has a different color and when the lamp is turned on, the color of the glass will change. This is what distinguishes the Tiffany lamp with a lot of counterfeit products on the market. In addition, the original Tiffany lamps have special stamps and will certainly look very old-fashioned because its age had thus old. Just imagine there are only a few Tiffany lamps were made since the first time in 1895 hence the price offered for the original lamp is very high. However, we will not be disappointed with the quality offered by this lamp.

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Tiffany lamp design comes in various shades ranging from floor lamps, table lamps, bedside lamps, ceiling lamps, and other. As one of the important elements of decoration whereabouts, the Tiffany lamp is the best choice that will help create a calming atmosphere, light, and certainly help improve the overall look of the room. When we look at the design of Tiffany lamps, we will surely be amazed. The design is very classic, beautiful, fresh, and very conspicuous so that we can make it as a focal point in a room.

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Be careful in choosing the original Tiffany lamp design

In the original Tiffany lamp design, we will find that delicate carvings, model number included at the lamp base and each shade is produced, lightweight, and has a power that no doubt. The first lamps were produced were named Favrile that have meaning in the English language – handcrafted. If we want the original Tiffany lamp designs, then there are some designs that we can try to find the start of the Apple Blossom, Black Bamboo, Bamboo, Acorn, Azalea, and others. However, if we do not have enough funds to buy the original Tiffany lamp, then we can get the reproduction of Tiffany lamps that are also offered in good quality.