The Ideas for Decorating above Kitchen Cabinets

You may want to put the things on kitchen, but the space is running out completely. In that case, you only need to see what have been available, such as cabinet, drawers, or shelves. As solution, there is space that most people cannot recognize easily. This is where decorating above kitchen cabinets takes place as solution.

Applying Ideas on Decorating above Kitchen Cabinets

In fact, this area is being forgotten because it is unreachable. You need to use chair or stair to reach the top layer. Regular cabinet is installed in position that people can open and look the inside easily. On the other side, since it is beyond your reach, you might forget that place. However, it is time to look closely and see this is where you have idea to decorate properly.

The Ideas for Decorating above Kitchen Cabinets » above kitchen cabinet decor

  1. Lightweight baskets and storage units

The simplest idea for decorating above kitchen cabinets is lightweight basket or more storage. As it mentioned above, the place is suitable for extra storage that you put directly on the top of cabinet. Of course, the storage is lightweight and easy to reach anytime. For such purpose, basket seems the most appropriate one. As alternative, you can put card box or anything that lightweight to force cabinet at below part. Moreover, you should only store things that are not harmful or dangerous when falling apart.

  1. Vintage ornaments

The next idea is vintage ornament. Decorating above kitchen cabinets has purpose for practical and aesthetic. If you do not know what to put at that space, it is better to let it empty. On the other side, your vintage ornaments are attached on the wall directly above cabinet. With blank space, people can see the ornaments easily. You may try several decorations that suitable for your kitchen style.

  1. Your collection

You can collect the kitchen tools, such as spoon, plates, bowl, glass, and any rare items. Keeping those items in closed storage seems not the right way. You may want to display them in proper place. The space has to be plain and safe. For such purpose, you should try adding your collections at above kitchen cabinet. Everyone can see them but cannot touch directly. This is perfect place to show off your collection.

  1. Artificial plants

As alternative, you may try to bring nature atmosphere in the kitchen with artificial plants. Having real vase and pot with flower is quite risky. Well, artificial plants have benefits for less maintenance. You only put them once and they will be there as decoration. This is perfect idea for decorating above kitchen cabinets.

  1. Indoor garden

For people who like taking a risk, indoor garden is good idea for filling the space above cabinet. For beginner, you can try the plants that need less maintenance and quite dry. Moreover, you should choose proper vase or pot that’s capable to contain all things without leak. After that, the rest will be similar to previous idea, except you use the real plants.

Each idea has pros and cons depending on how much space you have. You should adjust the decoration with what you need. Therefore, decorating above kitchen cabinets becomes interesting thing to do.