POP Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

Your ceiling looks empty and bored? Just apply POP ceiling bedroom design and see what you get

The ceiling is part of the interior of the house that needs to get a touch of decoration. Leave it blank will make the room look drab. We can change the empty ceiling by adding another dimension that will make the room look more fascinating. There are many rooms that we can give additional dimensions including bedrooms. Reclining position that we do will surely make us stare at the ceiling, is not it?! When we found the empty ceiling without any decorating touches will certainly not attractive. We need to put something up there and one of them is by applying POP ceiling bedroom design.

POP Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas » pop ceiling bedroom design

POP ceiling bedroom design is one way to show an extra dimension to the design of the bedroom ceiling. We can apply it to any size bedrooms both large and small. POP (Plaster of Paris) is a useful material for making various reliefs, designs, and patterns along the ceiling of a room. The advantage of this material of course is able to provide an interesting decorative element. We can present a variety of POP design in accordance with what we want with pay attention to the style which we will apply to rooms ranging from simple designs to intricate designs. Most POP design comes with a variety of carvings that make the room look classic and old-fashioned. However, we can also play with different designs are carved by putting it into a contemporary bedroom that will create a pleasant contrast when juxtaposed with a variety of distinctive contemporary furniture is sleek and clean. If we do not want to display the full design with carving, then we can choose to apply a minimum of POP ceiling for bedroom design in modern style bedroom or contemporary. To achieve this goal, we need to use a geometric shape that is concentrated in one area of ​​the ceiling. It will provide an excellent background for this type of lighting that we use in the bedroom.

POP Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas » pop ceiling bedroom material

Of course, when applying POP ceiling bedroom design, we must consider several things including who will inhabit the bedroom. The design that we apply to the master bedroom would be very different from the design that we apply to the child’s bedroom. For a child’s bedroom, try to ask their opinion about various things into joy and pull one conclusion to be made as the design on the ceiling of their bedroom. Also, do not forget to consider using the right type of lighting in the bedroom so that the ceiling design looks more captivating.