Outdoor Fireplace Design Plans

Outdoor fireplace design comes in various options according to what we want as a homeowner. Outdoor fireplace will give us pleasure and comfort while spending time with family or friends in the evening when we are on the backyard. Before deciding to build an outdoor fireplace, there are several things that need our attention and one of them is to ensure that local authorities allow us to do so because in some areas prohibit people to build outdoor fireplace, while in some other areas are allowed and give a few rules that must be adhered to. The second thing we have to consider before deciding to make an outdoor fireplace is to determine its size. We can determine the magnitude of the size taking into account two important issues, namely how many people are going to use and what they are designed. After considering both of these, then we can decide how we want the size of the fireplace.

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The difference between the outdoor fireplace and indoor fireplace lies in the use of the damper in the chimney where the chimney length that we must have at least about 5 feet in length. For features that are normally found in a fireplace both indoors and outdoors, we will find a fireplace mantle, filler panels, fire pit, crowns, over mantles, headers, leg, and a plinth base. While the choice of materials that we can use to make outdoor fireplace design into a real accordance with the wishes and needs such as: brick, cast iron, wood, aluminum alloys, and others. When we use aluminum alloy for outdoor fireplace then we will get the fact that not so pleasant where the material is highly susceptible to corrosion in some elements because of erratic weather, and certainly not as durable when compared to other choices of materials such as brick, wood, or stone. When we decided to use the outdoor fireplace made ​​of bricks, then make sure we make the inner lining of fire-resistant so it can withstand high temperatures.

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Whatever outdoor fireplace design that we apply and the materials we choose, make sure we pay attention to safety and security. This can be done by choosing the environment and the location is safe and appropriate. Make sure we build outdoor fireplace with a safe distance from the house (at least 15 meters), and make sure there are no trees or plants or power lines. It is important we do to prevent from a variety of things we do not want when there are strong winds, for example. In addition, we also pay attention to make sure the interior decoration of the house with outdoor fireplace design to make it look more harmonious.

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