Master Bathroom Design with Artistic Composition and Aesthetic Details

Some people choose to pay less attention for design of bathroom. However, some others may give details of decoration for the room. These people want to make their bathroom so stylish and comfy at the same time. In case you are planning to renovate bathroom and want to make it look better, you may need insights regarding master bathroom design. It can give you good reference of decorating and styling your bathroom.

Master Bathroom Design in Luxury and Aesthetic Look

There can be many kinds of bathroom designs. You can find hundreds of design. Some of them come in minimalist concept. There are also people who love rustic touch. If you want to have something more artistic with beautiful details, it seems neoclassical design can give nice inspiration. In this case, there is good design that will show you how the bathroom can be like a neoclassical gallery of art.

Master Bathroom Design with Artistic Composition and Aesthetic Details » luxury master bathroom decor with stall

  1. Room decoration

Generally, master bathroom design is dominated by white tone. It is neutral and clean element that makes the room so comfy. It also makes the room feel spacious. However, the domination of white is not left without any details. In fact, it gets great details.

The details are found on ceiling. The ceiling has crown molding. Then, the central part of ceiling is made deepened. This effect is to lead ceiling to the part of roof. The roof itself has nice frame to protect the glass. Geometrical shape of frames is applied to give luxury look on ceiling and roof. There are pattern of flowers carved on the ceiling as well.

These details of master bathroom design are only found in ceiling, and all of them are in white. Then, the wall is left clean with fewer details. However, there are some nice furnishings added to give functions and comfort. Meanwhile, it will be different for the flooring which has monochrome tiles. The tiles are in pattern of cubes. The black and white sides show 3D effect of the cube.

  1. Furniture

In term of furniture and bathroom appliances, master bathroom design gets all things in nice set. As a master bathroom, the interior is made as if both sides are mirrored. That’s why there are two sinks and mirrors with the same devices and styles. The sinks are in white, while the appliances for water are in chrome.

Then, there are nice details of mirror. Instead of choosing white or black color for the frame, these mirrors have golden frame. The frames also have some details, but these are not sophisticated details of pattern. In fact, this golden tone looks great to show the luxury side. There is also a chair with the same color of gold.

Then, the bathtub becomes the center of attention. It has nice tub with claw feet. Then, it has shower with additional panels in chrome. The interesting part is the existence of statue. There is a nice statue above the bathtub. Moreover, it has large mirror behind the bathtub and statue. Well, it gives mirroring effect.

Master Bathroom Design with Artistic Composition and Aesthetic Details » stylish master bathroom design

Those are the nice details of master bathroom. It surely shows great design with aesthetic details. These surely become artistic spots at house. All parts show stunning arts and compositions. Surely, these will become nice reference of master bathroom design.