How to Make a Pillow along with the Complete Materials and Tools

Sleeping will never be comfortable without pillows. In this case, you can easily buy these stuffs, but it is still good to know how to make a pillow. It can be nice activity to try, and you will not regret since it is useful to be your additional pillow on the bed.

Some Steps of How to Make a Pillow

How to Make a Pillow along with the Complete Materials and Tools » how to make a pillow tutorial

When you want to make pillows, it is important to follow these steps. These will provide you with process. In this process, you are required to sew, so it is good when you have basic skills in sewing. In case you cannot do it, using sewing machine is fine to do. To start the process, just follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare the materials

Like cooking, you will need some materials. In this case, you should prepare fabrics. For its color, fabric type, and pattern, it depends on your personal preference. Then, you will also need pillow stuffing as the filler. Additionally, prepare also the chalk to draw pattern.

For the tools, there are scissors, the needle as well as spool of thread for sewing process. Moreover, you will need some sewing pins to help you in the sewing process. There is no exact measure, but it is great to have lots of pins.

  1. Cut the fabric

After those tools and materials are ready, next step of how to make a pillow is to cut the fabric. The size depends on your preference, and you can make the pattern of square by using chalk. It will help you in cutting the pattern.

In the process of how to make a pillow, you will need at least two cuts of fabric. When you want to make more, you only should multiply the numbers. Well, it is important to make sure both cuts of fabric have the same size.

  1. Sewing process

After you cut the fabric, get your sewing pins. Then, put the first fabric cut on another cut and make sure each edge of fabric meets the other edges, so you can get the best precision. Once you line them up, use the pins to secure and lock the position. Therefore, you can sew easily.

Moreover, sew the fabrics. You only need to sew three edges of the square. The last edge will be sewed later after you fill the pillow. After you sew the edges, do not forget to knot in order to lock the sewing. Next, flip the pillow, so the inside part can be outside, and it is to get the nice seam.

  1. Fill the pillow

Furthermore, the next step of how to make a pillow is to fill it. It is easy to do since you only need to use the filler. The amount of filler depends on your need and preference as there is no exact size.

Once you are done with it, secure the last edge by sewing it. You can use the pins when you are not able to hold the position of fabrics. Then, you can use knot to end the sewing process. Viola! You get your handmade pillow.

Basically, it is not too difficult to make DIY pillow. The hardest part is in the process of sewing. It will be easy when you have good skill in it. The other steps are easy. After you know how to make a pillow, you can plan to make the cover as well.