How to Decorate a Bathroom to Get Peaceful and Comfy Small Bathroom

Having small bathroom gives you challenge in decorating. Of course, whatever decoration you choose will not make it have larger space. However, it is still possible to create comfortable and nice bathroom as long as you decorate it well. On contrary, wrong treatment will only make your small space crowded and even you may feel depressed staying in bathroom. For the solution of how to decorate a bathroom, you can check these suggestions.

Some Tips of How to Decorate a Bathroom

Actually, it is still possible to get comfy feeling in your small bathroom. It still can be your sophisticated and cozy room that will always give private moment. In order to bring good vibe there, there are some points that should get your attention.

  1. Color theme

First point is about the color theme. This is the same treatment for the limited space in other rooms, such as living room and bedroom. The color of your paint can determine the effect to create in the interior.

How to Decorate a Bathroom to Get Peaceful and Comfy Small Bathroom » simple small bathroom design

In this case, pastel and neutral color are the best choice. They can give effect of spacious room. If you love bright colors and want to apply these, the colors can be applied in the decorative parts or small furniture, so your pastel or neutral color is your background.

  1. Lighting

Related to how to decorate a bathroom, you should also consider the lighting. When you have limited space, it is not good option to choose the gloomy lighting. Instead, you should take the bright lighting for your bathroom. It will be great to have some mounted lighting as the spotlight in some area, including above the sink. Then, having windows may be good idea in case it is possible to do.

  1. Your sink

Some people love to have vanity sink. However, it is not good part of the small bathroom. In the next point of how to decorate a bathroom, you should manage your space and your vanity must get the attention.

Vanity is good choice. However, the storage of vanity takes space and it may make your bathroom crowded. As the replacement, pedestal sink can be good option. For another alternative, wall-mounted sink can be your choice.

  1. Bathroom mirror

Of course, you will have mirror in your bathroom. In fact, it becomes one of the essential parts of decoration. The mirror can give effect of having additional space, so the room can look bigger and larger. That is why large mirror and having more than one mirror can be good solution of how to decorate a bathroom.

  1. Flooring

You should not ignore this point. It is important part and it is recommended to use tiles dedicated for bathroom to prevent the slippery. Then, bright color can be picked for the flooring. It is time to use bright tone. It can refresh the theme in your room, and of course it makes your bathroom nicer and more comfortable.

How to Decorate a Bathroom to Get Peaceful and Comfy Small Bathroom » creative small bathroom decor

Those are some ideas of decorating bathroom. It can be tricky to deal with limited space.  However, comfort does not mean spacious, so it is more about the matter of decorating ideas. By following these points of how to decorate a bathroom, you will find peace and comfort in your small bathroom.