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Green Home Living Design Plans » modern residence concept

As a person who always gladly follows the development of home designing stuff, seeing this grown in time is felt so joyful. Many home designs’ histories have given us all the things, start from the very modest style up to the most complicated and sophisticatedly unique home design style. As the technology turns everything into modern stuff, people often forget to save more lives which more likely come from saving our nature and environment. But luckily, nowadays time, people begin to look back again to nature, and try to create everything based on nature need. One is what we can see in a home design made by TACT architecture. Taking place at the residence named Carling Residence in Ontario, Canada; this home living is one of those that take a very inspiring concept in our life nowadays.

Green Home Living Design Plans » unique home design

The residence were built is basically to fill the need of couples, especially the young and newlywed couples who want to have a more comfy, private and ‘green’ home for their new living. Sometimes, in all our hectic life, home is where we put all those hectic stuff behind. So, number one requirement of a house is that, it has to be so comfortable. For that reason, the concept of nature was taken, as from nature; we can get one package of all the definition you can have to define the meaning of comfortable. Trees and kinds of ridge landscapes are some concept’s realizations which represent the nature or I might say the jungle concept. Every single piece in this house is carefully designed and the design is made to embody how nature can successfully create a great home.

Let’s start by talking the outside part and the view we see from the outside. Seeing the home from the outside you can see it the giant glass window, this is obviously what make the house bigger than the actual size, from the inside with that glazing window, you can see the refreshing view of trees and a beautiful Georgian Bay, while from the outside, you can see the inside of the home. This glazing style also aims for the circulation of natural light shine throughout the inside. There is also some ventilation made to allow the air come, so it won’t be too hot during the summertime. Both you can save the solar; no need any air conditioners, which means you will save more energy and electricity.

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This kind of home is not only for cooling the summertime, but in wintertime, it will not be a problem as well. It is because, the floor in this house is made from the heat absorber system floor material or called zoned radiant floor system, so it will absorb the heat. In all meaning, these Muskoka Region’s residence is so multifunctional, cool when it is summer and warm when it is cold outside.

The overall looked of this 3600 square foot home, as we can see the inside part, most materials are made from nature, like stones, woods and the combination of both. The wall is also painted white, so, it feels cleaner and fresher. Such a balance between sustainable interiors and designs combined with what client needs and the budget they have but still preserving the genuine topography surround.

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