Glass House Design Plans

Glass house design or better known as the Johnson house is a building that comes with minimal structure, geometry, proportion, and the effects of transparency and reflection. It is a house that uses glass in its design and results a great thing. Philip Johnson’s Glass house work is claimed as one of the most beautiful and at the same time yet functional house in the world. Yeah, this is because even though the purpose of the construction of this house as a residence of the designer, but it also created as an architectural statement. Together with his old friend named David Whitney, an art critic and curator, Johnson to design and build the home landscape and collect most of his art collection there. For information, glass house built in 1949 in New Canaan, Connecticut. On the design belongs to Philip Johnson’s glass house, we could see the use of glass walls are quite thick – about a quarter inch which is supported by black steel pillars.

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When we look further into glass house design, we will see how the interior space divided by its furnishings. We will find sets dining table and chairs, Barcelona chairs and rug, cabinets made ​​of walnut -sized short that functioned as a bar and kitchen, a wardrobe and a bed, leather – tiled bathroom, and an open fireplace. Symmetrical and firmly on the ground are two things we would find when we saw glass house belonged to Philip Johnson’s. As the house that is an example of the early use of industrial materials such as glass and steel in home design is in fact managed to attract a lot of heart to do the same thing when designing a dream home.

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It’s proved to date there are a lot of homeowners who apply the two materials when deciding to get a dream house. The use of glass and steel was considered to have a modern and sophisticated impression so very appropriate when applied in the present.