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Making the garage as multi function storages is something that desirable by many homeowners and we can achieve this by applying garage storage and organization. As we all know that garage is one of room the most widely used to store various items that are rarely used, including storing a variety of workshop equipment, automobiles, bicycles, as well as work space. Its existence is important enough to make us as homeowners have to manage them in such a way to make it look neat and organized. Making the garage a neat place is not something that is impossible to do. Similar to other spaces should be laid out neatly, organize the garage will be profitable for us as homeowners when we want to search things we want. When we leave the garage in the untreated condition and messy, so when we need something we will have trouble. Instead of finding what we are looking for we may even gets surprised by the amount of garbage that was there because rarely cleaned and trimmed.

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Presenting garage storage and organization will require a time where we have to manage all the stuff that was there according to the respective category, disposing various unused items, selling items that can still be used but we will not use again and others. To facilitate this, then make a list of the items in the garage and start to do the sorting. Place each item in the box labeled that we have prepared in advance. In addition to separate each category of items, do not forget to apply the appropriate storage system in the garage. The storage system can be applied anywhere in the garage – which is important, we can maximize every corner, wall, ceiling to the garage as a storage area that is effective and efficient.

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