Four Kitchen Pendant Lighting Types to Integrate into Your Space

One of the simplest ways to illuminate kitchen beautifully and stylishly is by using kitchen pendant lighting that placed and hung correctly. Aside from brightening room, it can also provide dramatic mood lighting and create bigger space illusion for tiny room. The pendant lighting is available in many styles for every budget and taste. There are many materials to choose such as glass, wood, steel, or even paper. Below are few examples of pendant models to use as your inspiration.

Four Kitchen Pendant Lighting Types to Integrate into Your Space » stylish kitchen pendant lighting design

Interesting Types of Kitchen Pendant Lighting

  1. Decorative lighting

The most common reason people used kitchen pendant lighting is for its decorative feature. The various models will stand out better than basic lighting styles.

Say you already had other lighting models in your room; pendant will still be nice addition by its soft glow. It can also be used to as focal point, to create interesting shape of shadow on your kitchen ceiling. It is especially effective to integrate if your ceiling type is high and deserve to be appreciated nicely.

  1. Task lighting

Task light is usually used only for specific activity in targeted area, to help the person working and see more clearly. Task kitchen pendant lighting will help brighten the space when you’re doing task like chopping food or read a cookbook. It should be the fixture for light to face downward, and it is better to have translucent or open bottom to make light out on higher degree.

What you should remember is when powerful bulbs combined with open bottom fixtures, the light produced can be harsh. If the fixture already installed and you feel like the light is too intense, opt for low bright bulb. It is also possible to integrate dimmer bulb which create softer and moodier light when the chores are completed.

  1. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used when you want to highlight a particular unique design feature. The feature can be anything from beautiful material or piece of art.

But for kitchen, the accent lighting is not typically used to attract attention and highlight an art, like painting for example. It is used more to catch the interest and appreciate beautiful wooden or granite countertop. Various material tones will be brought out by certain wash of lights. It will also pinpoint the sparkle produced by polished metals or flecked stone.

  1. Ambient lighting

As opposite of task ones that lighting a targeted spot, the ambient kitchen pendant lighting can illuminate whole area or room generally in gentle beam. Bigger pendant is not always a better option to help brighten up the room. Tiny pendant with single bulb could do the same work as large fixture with the same kind of bulb. Instead, you should use multiple lights spread or multiple bulbs fixture for equal glow across the room.

Some people like to cook and use more time in the kitchen, some don’t. If you didn’t use your kitchen for prep work, but more for snacking and mingling, the ambient type that gives intimate mood and softer light inspired from fine dining restaurant tables is definitely an option to consider.

To build an interesting look, try connecting the pendant design to another material in kitchen. Choose copper finished kitchen pendant lighting to match with faucet or cabinet knobs, or select the color that’s similar to tiles or seats in your room.