Double Function of Coffee Table with Storage Space

Coffee table can actually be having double functions as both a table and also a storage space. There are many choices to consider accordingly. Coffee table is furniture that can always be found in any house. It comes with many designs and styles to consider depending on the style preferences as well as specific needs of the table itself. Surely there are some models that offer storage space within the table so that the table can really be more useful compared to a coffee table without storage space. Whether you are looking for coffee table in certain concept or just search randomly, there are several options available here.

[The cube coffee table]

[Square wood coffee table with storage]

[Kai coffee table designed for storage]

There is the cube coffee table with unique opening mechanism to reveal its storage space. When it is functioned as a table, it is just a wooden box. Yet, when the storage space is needed, 2 sides and the top sections can be opened. There is also a lower type of coffee table made of wood with sliding opening mechanism to reveal its storage space. Yet the space is not that large since it is a low table. The Kai coffee table is a low table that is quite large in which the inside of the table is fully a space for storage. The opening mechanism consists of many squares in many sections for easier access.

[Bergamo coffee table square glass]

[Modern coffee table munari]

[Rectangular coffee table with storage]

There is also Bergamo table which is actually made of solid white glass in simple square shape. It features 2 drawers to be opened from different sides as the storage space. It is perfect for modern decoration. Another white coffee table with storage is the Munari in which one side of it is a drawer while another side can actually be opened to reveal the inside of the table for a larger storage. There is another rectangular white table in which there is a triangle top section on one side to be opened upward to access its storage space. The other side can be accessed in using drawer style opening. The inside space is black and the outside is white.

[Low round coffee table with a wheel design]

[Round coffee table with storage]

[Wire frame base coffee table]

Round coffee table options offer a low style table with 4 pieces of storage to be opened below the table surface. The storage thus can be used to store glasses and even wine bottles. Another option is a simple wooden round table with the top section of the table that can be lifted to uncover the full size storage inside. One last unique design is the wire frame base table. Under the wooden top surface there is full size storage.

[Orlando small coffee table with wine bottle storage]

*source : homedit