DIY Window Treatments to Make at Home

DIY window treatments should be made at home. Leaving the windows plain and empty is going to make it dull and unattractive. This is why window treatments like blinds, curtains, valances, shades, and so on are needed. If you do not have the budget to buy them, you can always make them on your own. Here is more information for you.

The Easiest DIY Window Treatments

Even though making window treatment seems complicated, it is still fun to do. It works so well if you have plenty of time to spare. There are a lot of DIY window treatments ideas to make. Down below, some of the simplest one are explained. You can choose which one of them works the best for you. Choose the one that is going to look the best on the window in your house.

DIY Window Treatments to Make at Home » simple window treatment ideas

  1. Cardboard Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are quite common to use. It can block the light from coming through the windows. They can also make the windows look more interesting. Normally, the blinds are made out of vinyl and plastic. However, for the DIY project, you can surely use lighter material. Cardboard and thick printing paper can be used easily here. You can fold them with ease into the pleated blinds and install them on the windows using rails or chains.

  1. DIY Vertical Blinds

One of the easiest DIY window treatments to make is the vertical blinds. The blinds can be easily made by lining up a wooden board and chaining them up with a rope or with metal chains. The DIY project here should be more versatile as it does not have to involve any wooden board or heavy materials. You can use thick cardboard or craft paper to create the blinds.

  1. DIY Panel Tracks

Panel tracks are just a simple layer of fabric to cover the entire windows. Surely, you can make one on your own. Use any material to make the panel, including canvas sheet, vinyl, or even thick paper.

The thickness of the material depends on the opacity you want for the panel tracks. If you want it to look sheer, use thin material. On the contrary, if you want to make it look totally blackening, use thicker material.

  1. Wrapping Paper Roman Shades

Roman shades are one of the most famous window treatments. They are more like decorations, rather than functional drapery. The window treatment is installed on the upper part of the window. It can be made with ease using wrapping paper. The DIY window treatments here are simple to make and it can make the room looks even better as most wrapping paper are drenched with patterns and colors.


Those ideas are surely brilliant. However, you can choose beyond all of them. There are still numerous ideas related to window treatments that people can choose. As long as you are creative and playful with the DIY window treatments ideas, you can make the best treatment for the windows. They won’t look plain and boring anymore.