Decor Inspiration: Trendiest Office Meeting Room Ever

Office room with attractive design will give every employee a different feel. Take the design inspiration from these several leading companies. Meeting is often not fun thing to do for some people. However, it would totally change if you are in office meeting room with an attractive design. A supportive atmosphere in the room will have a positive impact also for people who linger in it. Besides, playful and attractive design can be used as inspiration of trendy style in a meeting room. Let us find out some impressive and jaw dropping meeting room from several leading companies in the world that will surely make you inspired.

[Jakarta Praise Community Church Meeting room]

[Jakarta Praise Community Church meeting room design]

Color combination will be one thing to consider for creating stunning office meeting room. Built in 2013 by Sidharta Architect, the room can be used for various meetings both formal and informal situation. Besides, texture and material also play harmoniously as can be seen in the room.

[Walmart meeting room in orange]

Office meeting room with a bright orange color can provide a positive aura and will evoke an inviting, intimate, and pleasant atmosphere. The meeting room belongs to Walmart in San Paulo. The interesting point is that the room design is made based on the wishes, needs, and expectation of employees. It is obtained through a research and interviews before finally the design is determined.

[Fujitsu Oceania Headquarters Meeting area]

The next office meeting area is located in the Fujitsu Oceania headquarters in Sydney. 9,000 meters building which has nine floors, Woods Bagot as the designer looks accentuate the use of smoked oak timber as the material. It is made of layering up high surround the meeting area. In addition, graphical design on the timber is the main attraction in the room.

[Microsoft office design]

Interesting idea is also shown in this office meeting room of the Microsoft office in San Francisco. Epic collaboration has displayed by combining the use of brick and timber building to be taken as the concept of the meeting area.

[Dropbox Offices New York]

Office meeting room not only comes with an exclusive design, homey concept that is not much different from your own living room will have different impression for employees in Dropbox office in New York. Warm, casual, and relaxed feel in the room is presented in the design with exposed brick and wooden flooring as a sweetener in the room.

[Pinterest meeting room]

Explore Pinterest as much fun as when you are invited to view their office meeting room. Located in San Francisco, the Pinterest Headquarters presents the concept of casual room with dominance of neutral colors, contrast material, and maximum functionality.

[Open Space Red Bull Office Meeting Room With Swings]

Informal feel is also seen in the red bull office meeting room. A very relaxing spot is deliberately created by putting bean bag chairs and swings combined with faux grass carpet. This is a kind of meeting room which also can be used as a hangout area or a place to relax.

[Truly Madly Office Meeting room]

[Truly Madly Office Small Meeting Room]

Semi-casual concept could also be a design to be considered in designing an office meeting room. The room is designed with white walls and blue accent on floor. As the dividers, wood and glass frames are used in the design to stay open and bright in small space. This meeting room concept looks so convenient.

[Loft office interior meeting area]

Office meeting room of Loft office in Rotterdam also looks attractive with a roof garden above the meeting area. The area is designed in transparent glass box with bright lighting and the use of wooden walls in lighter shade in order to make the room look closer to nature.

[String rope for meeting area]

Finishing touch in ceiling looks alluring in the Media Storm office. In addition, material and color are also very concerned with the mix of blue color of the chairs and natural wood. In the ceiling, brass finished pendant lighting is a visual interest in the room combined with string rope to show the impression of elegant and classy.

[Zendesk meeting area design room]

*source : homedit