Corner Curtain Rod Features and Functions

Using rod to hang the curtain is common thing to do. You can attach the rod at window frame then put curtain as cover or protection. In certain room, two windows are side by side in corner that creates 90-degree angles. In order to add curtain, you need corner curtain rod.

Corner Curtain Rod and Its Capability

Corner curtain rod is specific rod or tool installed in the corner. Besides its functionality, it is very practical for certain decoration. In bathroom, you need curtain to cover the entire tub. In that case, the rod has L-shaped design at its corner to let the curtain passes through from one side to another.

Corner Curtain Rod Features and Functions » corner curtain rod design

  1. Functions

The main function of this rod is similar to regular ones. You utilize it in order to hold curtain for hanging in the window. Another function is in bathroom where the rod needs to be in the corner mode for extended curtain installation. In addition, you can put the rod at corner then keep the curtain as decoration. This is not regular function but common in modern interior design.

  1. Design

The next important thing about corner curtain rod is its design. In general, there are two common designs for this rod. Firstly, you can use two curtains then combine them together with connector. Both have the same size and design alongside the connector itself from the same production. In this case, you just need to put in certain location and corner connector will handle the rest.

Another design is rod that’s specifically for corner. Previous design is rod for regular function without cornering section. On contrary, you may buy the rod for corner curtain, and the product is specifically developed for this function. The main difference between corner rod and corner connector is the way you install the curtain. In the first style, the curtain and rod is straight, and one edge will meet another one but the curtain cannot pass the corner.

If you use corner rod that’s specifically for that purpose, the curtain can pass along from one side to another. The only problem is limited length because the rod has to be in balance mode. To overcome this situation, you can extend the rod in each side respectively. Add more bracket and holder to make sure the rods are strong enough to support curtain.

  1. Material

Material for corner curtain rod is varied depending on your needs. Most rods use metal, such as aluminum and steel as material because it is strong, reliable, and durable. With steel, you do not need to worry when adding heavy fabric or woven curtain. Moreover, steel is high resistant to force from below that people commonly do when adjusted curtain in the room. For aluminum, this material is lightweight yet easy to form into the unique rod. Wood is also good choice but rare to find as the curtain rod in the corner.

From explanation above, you know understand about corner curtain rod. In general, the rod is just similar tool with different style. Before installing this rod, make sure to check its capability and corner angle. Besides, some curtains need additional grommets and support that can be installed alongside the rods.