Cool Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Vintage, antique, and retro decorations have taken the interior design world by storm lately.  Kitchen redecorating trend is starting to incorporate a lot of vintage elements. If you have been pinning for vintage kitchen decor recently, planning it first will help you to achieve your perfect dream kitchen. Check this list below to give you inspiration and get ready to leap into the vintage kitchen trend.

Cool Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas » nice vintage kitchen design

The Elements of Vintage Kitchen Decor for Your Inspirations

  1. Checkerboard floor

Checkerboard floor is an eye-catching and versatile vintage tile patterns. Traditionally, it tends to come in black and white color. But there are actually a lot of color options like neutral, bright and bold, or subtle colors. It is better to install them diagonally to perfect your vintage kitchen decor.

  1. Vintage wallpaper

What is a vintage kitchen decor without vintage wallpaper? They are designed to have this dreamy, romantic, and timeless vibes. You can choose the wallpaper from various colors, patterns, and textures.

  1. Farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sink is not really as popular as it was few decades ago. But it doesn’t mean it’s not as stylish as ever. The single large sink will benefit you if you have large kitchenware. It is also not as high maintenance as people make it to be, if you clean them daily. Also, the high durability of farmhouse sink compared to stainless steel sink is a big plus.

  1. Vintage dish collections

The “granny dishes” or “wedding china” collection, which is a big set of vintage plates and cups are making a comeback. Even the antique flowery which is a common pattern found in dishes during mid-century is also making its way to popularity. They can be easily found in flea markets and thrift shops, where you can shop copper tableware, ceramic tea pots, or old potteries.

  1. Antique plate rack

Chances are, your mom or grandmother probably have an old looking plate rack in their kitchen. Whether it is the painted wooden rack or rustic metal plate rack, they look classic when hung in your kitchen.

  1. Pastel cabinets

While retro style encourage the bold and vibrant colors for the cabinets, vintage are more about pastel. Baby pink, soft yellow, minty green, or muted blue are the timeless pastel colors that will add softness to your kitchen. Pastel cabinets can turn your kitchen into a pleasant, inviting space that feels light and airy.

  1. Colorful fabrics

To add warmth and texture into your vintage kitchen decor, opt for colorful fabrics instead of plain ones. Bring floral, plaid, chevron, and quatrefoil patterns into your kitchen’s curtains, blinds, tablecloths and tea towels.

  1. Fabulous Kitchen Decoration

From a traditional honey pot, old kettle, biscuit jars, to kitchen timers, these are amazing accessories that will beautify your kitchen. Be careful not to over-accessorize your kitchen as it can ruin the modesty purpose of vintage decoration.

What makes vintage décor popular and timeless is that they always able to reflect a nostalgic sense. With the right design, a vintage kitchen decor can remind you of your happy childhood memories where things are simpler and mostly wholesome. To save your budget, do not hesitate to repurpose old and secondhand items.