Bungalow House Design Plans

Pay attention to bungalow house design in order to get the look WOW and are able to utilize every inch of available space effectively is an important thing we do. As is known, the bungalow style house is a house popularly applied in America in the early 1900’s and is known as the home to include a range of simplicity, including the implementation of an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, up to the front porch. Bungalow house is a house that usually applies one half floors with low-pitched roofs. The use of materials for the exterior typically leads to natural materials such as stone or brick.

So, what should we consider when we intend to implement a design bungalow at home we have? Well, here are some of them.

(1) Knowing what the needs we are the main things that we must consider before applying bungalow house primarily for personal space. For that we would need data on how many people who live in the home and determine how many squares feet we need. To note, to apply our bungalow would require building at least 600 square meters and the average area required for each person is 150 square meters.

(2) Apply a natural color on the walls like soft brown, sage green, to yellow mustard. By giving a soft tone on the choice of wall color, then we will produce a wall that has a slightly old-fashioned look. If we want to apply the wallpaper, then we can choose a nature-themed or geometric design.

(3) Choose furniture with a sleek design that is made ​​of dark wood and add tapestry upholstery to add more stylish look of the room. For the type of wood that is applied, we can choose oak.

(4) Personalized bungalow house design by applying a range of complementary accessories such as crafts or artwork that serves as an accent. We can apply a large carpet in the living room, bedroom, or dining room to add designs and patterns. Add a mirror with a frame made of wood above the fireplace to add to the impression of airy and spacious in the room.

(5) Apply illumination by inserting a glass window so that natural light can enter into the house perfectly. For light option, we can use the lights of copper or bronze to add WOW to the overall appearance of the room.