Benefits of Having Round Wall Mirror

Mirror is one of the major parts of home decoration that the importance is often underrated. Not only people used them for personal grooming or makeup, mirror can reflect the light, open up spaces, and add aesthetic value to the room. There are a lot of things to consider before you hang a wall mirror in your home, from the placement, style, size and the shape itself. There might be many styles and sizes you can choose, depending of the interior design and the size of your space. But for the shape specifically, it usually only comes down in two types: rectangular or round wall mirror.

Benefits of Having Round Wall Mirror » elegant round wall mirror design

Round mirror, especially have many benefits to offer. This on-trend circular mirror is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes work perfectly with certain types of architectural features. Here are few things you can benefit from the soft curves and none edge mirrors.

The Reasons You Need to Hang Round Wall Mirror

  1. It gives elegant contrast to the room

It may not be intentional, but most people have natural tendency to decorate their house with sharp edged furniture. Coffee table, dining table, and sofa for examples, are often framed with rectangular shape. By hanging the round wall mirror, there is an opportunity to create a unique contrast by breaking these lines. It will also add personal and dynamic look to your home decoration.

  1. It adds en extra dimension to your space

If you have limited amount of space, it is possible to create an illusion of extra space by using round wall mirror. It is because when light hit the mirror, it will create an extra light and depth. Especially in houses or apartments that have long hallway between the rooms, hanging round mirror at the end of it will help make a feature of space and stop the hallway from fading.

  1. It will unexpectedly fit in awkward space

Some spaces in the house, like the attic, sometimes have edgy shapes like sloping ceiling. A straight edged mirror will crash the shape and create a busy looks by mixing the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. A circular mirror is a perfect solution and will sit just fine there. Its curve edges will not compete with the sharp lines that are already existed.

  1. It brings softness and relaxed appeal

This benefit applied mostly in the bathroom where it usually has rectangular or square shape of tiles. The tiles will give the bathroom streaking looks, while round wall mirror will contrast it nicely and soften its looks. It is also convenience if you have pedestal sink or round basin as the round mirror can make a great companion because they have the same curved lines.

  1. It provides a great exposure to your interesting wall

If you have an exceptionally fascinating looking wall, circular mirror is a great choice to let it shine. The circumstances of round mirror will leave your wall more exposed, thus it will show off more parts of the wall. Not to mention the curved line will pick up patterns like leafy or floral print really well.

Round wall mirror is an ideal choice to add sense of elegance, especially if you have small spaces like small entryways or narrow walls. Even the professional interior designers generally prefer round mirror over rectangular ones, so there is no reason for you to be hesitant to choose a round mirror to hang on your wall.