Basement Bar Design Solutions

When we have an unused basement, then we can use it as a room with a function that we like ranging from as a work space or make it as a bar. Basement bar design comes in a variety of styles that will make us have a room for relaxing with friends or family members. Here are some of the bar designs for the basement that we can use as a guide.

Basement Bar Design Solutions » contemporary basement bar

(1) The classic design – this is a popular design applied by many homeowners who use a mix of classic design and a back basement bar. We will get a large enough storage space with slim design when deciding to use this design. We also will get more space to put a variety of equipment and also a small kitchen bar. In addition to the entertainment features, we can install a flat screen TV on the design.

(2) Straight design – this is an old design where we will find a most simple design of the overall existing designs. You can imagine how this design will surely look. Yup, it’s like the front desk in the hotel lobby is furnished with little room for the sink, area for mixing drinks, space for fridge, and place for footrest on the side of the stool arm rail.

Basement Bar Design Solutions » basement bars with low ceilings

Next basement bar design is L design. As the name suggests, this is an L-shaped bar design that we can apply when we have a basement that size is quite small. For its layout is almost the same as a straight design – the difference, the distance between the bars with the other seats are closer than the straight bar design and it will make it easier for people and familiar when making a speech while accompanied by their respective drinks. We can also get other bars design that we can apply in the basement as a portable bar design. As the name suggests, then we can dismantle and move the bar to suit a variety of places that we want easily because there are no items that are large and heavy in this design.

Basement Bar Design Solutions » basement corner bar