Purchasing a coffee table can be tiring process, not to mention it can be pricey. Doing a DIY coffee table instead, can be a fun a rewarding activity. You may feel like building a coffee table is a big project

Mirror is one of the major parts of home decoration that the importance is often underrated. Not only people used them for personal grooming or makeup, mirror can reflect the light, open up spaces, and add aesthetic value to the

Vintage, antique, and retro decorations have taken the interior design world by storm lately.  Kitchen redecorating trend is starting to incorporate a lot of vintage elements. If you have been pinning for vintage kitchen decor recently, planning it first will

There are a lot of things to know about Feng Shui home office. Having a home office at home means that you will have to design it properly, including using Feng Shui principal. The principals are believed to enhance the

DIY window treatments should be made at home. Leaving the windows plain and empty is going to make it dull and unattractive. This is why window treatments like blinds, curtains, valances, shades, and so on are needed. If you do